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Name:  Dao Thi HANG         Mobile:  (+84) 932 093 593    DOB: 11/4/1985

Email: hang.dao.bbb@gmail.com               Address: Hama Village

What I’m offering


  1. Managing Director BambooBoat Fish Sauce Enterprise,  since January 2013

Bamboo Boat social enterprise produces traditional Vietnamese fish sauce and shrimp paste. The business aims at cultural preservation, create more job opportunities for women and create green supply chain for local economy. We believe that sustainability can be achieved when traditional value is respected and preserved, people living in a harmonious with the environment with love and care for others.

Why I do?    Our story          www.MamThuyenNan.com (Vietnamese)  http://bbbcorporation.com/ (English)

  1. Founder and Trainer at LeaderTalks Education since October 2014   

From my own experience, I believe Good English – Better future. English open lots of good opportunities for myself getting scholarship to study abroad, giving my siblings great chances to become English teachers. I want to give this opportunity for everyone who want to have better future and freedom by good at English.

We give training courses on Foundation and Advanced English Program online and offline. For almost 5 years, we’ve coached for more than 700 students around the country having very good English foundation, get high IELTS score and many of them get scholarships to study abroad.

  1. Founder & English Coach at HamaVillage, since May 2016

We create an environment for teaching English and living skills. Students staying in the village for 1 month to 1 year and learning English intensively, preparing for IELTS test or studying abroad. For almost 3 years, we’ve trained more than 200 students around the country having very good English foundation, good English pronunciation, get high IELTS scores and many of them having scholarship to study in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Malaysia and India.

4. Online Marketing Executive at StudyAdelaide in Vietnam, 1/2016-1/2017

Set up and operate online marketing system, including website, youtube channel, facebook, email marketing system, content creator for promoting StudyAdelaide in Vietnam.

  1. Founder Greening Vietnam  from May 2012

Leading  a volunteering  team to translate  climate change and sustainability knowledge and information into Vietnamese in order to provide latest information for the general public and people working in this area. We hope that people who are working in climate change both adaptation and mitigation might find interesting information to develop for their projects which are both practical and helpful for Vietnam, to use financial support from international organizations efficiently to support green development in Vietnam. We also provide consulting service on climate change, agricultural sustainability and green growth.

  1. Leadership Internship at Greening Australia        June–August, 2012
  • I particularly look at and experience leadership and its implication in practice regarding to how to inspire and motivate staffs working with strong passion and how to build up organizational value from bottom up.
  • Engaging with “Biodiverse carbon  sink” and “Carbon Farming Initiative” projects by applying Conservation Action Planning (CAP) in South Australia and Victoria. These projects aim at designing and carrying out practical solutions in order to provide carbon sinks and a diversity of ecosystem services in addition to carbon sequestration.
  1. Project officer and  Researcher at Centre for Rural development in Central Vietnam,  September 2008– December 2010
  • Engaging with project of “Local communities in Quang Tri Province improves its adaptive capacity and resilience to climate change” funded by the Finland Government.
  • Carrying out research on documenting the local experiences in agricultural production to adapt to sandy land, drought conditions and land reforming in coastal areas of Quang Tri Province, Vietnam.
  • Conducting training activities, supporting local farmers building agricultural production models (crop production and animal husbandry) adapting to natural disaster and climate change, aiming at improving the livelihood of local farmers.
  • Assessing the impacts of climate change on agriculture and build up the National Strategy Program on adapting and mitigating climate change for Quang Tri province.
  • Supporting Quang Tri Province in setting up a plan to adapt and mitigate the impacts of climate change on agriculture, and policy recommending integration with social economic developing plan of the province.
  • Carrying out scientific research of “The reality and sustainable solutions to develop economy and society in isolated areas of Quang Binh Province, Vietnam”.


Bachelor Agricultural Engineer – Plant Sciences, Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, September 2004– September 2008    Grade of graduation: Distinction            Grade of training: Excellent

Master Carbon Management (Climate change and Sustainability), the University of Adelaide, Australia, January 2011– December  2012 Grade 75%.


Global Change Leader, Coady International Institute – Francis Xavier University, Canada, 2014. Funded by Department of Canadian Foreign Affair, Trade and Development.

Australian Leadership Award, study Master of Carbon Management – The University of Adelaide, Australia, 2011. Funded by Department of Foreign Affairs, Australia.


  1. Hang, DT, 2013, ‘Why Vietnam needs green development and what Vietnam should do to achieve green growth, poverty alleviation and sustainability, The International workshop “Economics of Climate change and Policy Implication for Vietnam, Ha Noi, 1st  March.
  2. Hang, DT & Brook, B 2012, ‘Are sea level rise scenarios plausible? Projecting sea level rise impact on land use and mangrove forests in Ca Mau Peninsula, Vietnam’, The 19th Tri-U International Joint Seminar and Symposium on “The Role of Asia in Communities and Sustainable Development”, Indonesia, 21-26th October, 2012.


Signature                                                               Date of signing

Dao Thi Hang                                                             August 27th 2018


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