Written by Ngan Chau – Our Tu học’s student

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I woke up early at 6 o’clock

It was pretty cold

When I woke up, I could hear Nancy and James’s voice in the kitchen

I stepped out of the bedroom

I saw them cooking in order to prepare breakfast for us

Then I washed my face and brushed my teeth

And then, I did exercise in front of our yard

One hour later, I had breakfast with my roommates

We ate noodle with some carrot, peas and tofu

It’s delicious

At 8am, I opened my laptop and checked my mail

Then I started learning English

I read and listened to British Council

Today, I learned a topic about “Bilingualism”

It talks about learning two languages that helps children to be able to communicate almost perfect in two languages

And also knowing something about both cultures

And being able to switch automatically into speaking another language ( that’s good “

A couple of hours later, I finished learning

Victoria then suggested me making some cake for everyone after lunch

Then I agreed

I made cake with eggs, milk, sugar, flour and drop of vanilla

They all put in a bowl and stir them until they are beautifully incorporated

And then I put a little of the mixture to the pan / I pour a big fully – spoon of mixture to the pan

After a right amount of time,

I put on the surface some pieces of banana and chocolate

After I set them on the plate

I proudly called them out and let them know I am done

I have just done an amazing dish

I am so excited about the cake ( Put your feelings about the cake, how would you feel about it)

Everyone was making a compliment to the dish “It’s tasty”

I feel happy.( Goood, I wish I was there to witness your happiness, I am so proud of you)

In the evening

We had a presentation about a book that we’ve read it a few weeks ago

We had an absolutely amazing time

At 5pm, I did housework ( if it’s possible trying to say more which housework did you do.) and I took a shower

A couple of hour later, I had dinner

Then I continue to learn ( learn what)

I read BBC future and I wrote what I heard from ( from where or what)on the notebook

And I checked what I didn’t hear from  the transcript and then I try one more until I get to hear the word perfectly

I went to bed at 10pm


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