I am an English teacher and I want to develop an app for students practicing their pronunciation and also public use.

To be able to have my students checking their pronunciation, I worked with ELSA Speak to buy an API. ELSA is a company providing API technology on speech recognition and we are going with the second plan.  I want to develop an app similar to ELSA Speak but more simple.

There are 4 components in this apps, which are:

  1. Students can read and record a short text, less than 15 seconds then submit, and then the ELSA will let them know the result like this video

The app could show progress of improvement of the students over time or Performance Improvement so that students could know their mistakes and improve day by day.

We want to show the text, phonentic, meaning in Vietnamese in every word and phrase that appears. I already have text, phonetic, meaning and picture for the app.

  1.  Some texts have pictures. This is the most important part of this app, 80%. 
  2. I can store video instructions on phonentics for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes each. 
  1. The app will be downloaded free for the public, and users can check their pronunciation for a couple of words, phrases and sentences. If they want to continue, they could purchase plans monthly, quarterly and yearly.
  1. The app should include our teachers’ information so that students can book for a consultation on their pronunciation and they can pay for that before arrange. Calendly.com could be used, I think. 

Students can choose to use it on website or their mobile phone.

This is my requirement for the app, I might think of some more function but the most important part is the first one. We can discuss more about it. Could you please suggest more modules I should add to the app and please let me know the process and price for this app.

Starting from scratch for this app.

Name of the app: Speakout

This is our branding can be used for the app

The website linked with the app: speakout.vn

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