As you know about the recent unfortunate incidents caused by some individuals in Binh Duong and Vung Ang, Vietnam and some of you are wondering what’s really happening in Vietnam.
Some workers from Binh Duong and Vung Ang were not able to control their behavior, leading undesirable damages on Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore factories. Reasons behind are complicated and still being further investigated.
Yet, it does not represent for Vietnamese people since most of us are peace-lover, kindness and we are tirelessly working for a better future for us and for our country. We are very sorry for that. It does not only affect to our investors but also affect to economic growth of Vietnam in long-run.
The Vietnamese Government has been made great efforts to address those consequences and we hope everything would be solved soon and well. One again, we are sorry for that !!!.
Our diplomatic relation between China an ASEAN on East Sea has been broken down since 2009. And it is added undesirable fuel since China’s oil rig Haiyang Shiyou HYSY- 981 deployment set up in Vietnam’s claimed EEZ under the UNCLOS 1982 in early May.
And that, we have right to protest the Chinese government for blatantly infringing international laws and violating the sovereignty of our country. Unfortunately, some people are just overreacting, leading to adverse consequences as we already known.
Yes, China wants to lead the world to be a Great Power but how can he becomes that position without soft power? The power that inspire other countries to trust, respect and more importantly, follow its leadership and influence ?.
How can we follow our neighbour while it’s so hard to trust and respect what he is doing. Is it hard-power is enough and it’s only way to influence on others?
Life is short – and LOVE INSPIRE US, NOT WAR.

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