Sue khóc khi biết miềng không quay lại Úc và con sư tử Jenny tặng miềng năm ngoái, miềng treo trước cửa cho đến ngày về.
Sue khóc khi biết miềng không quay lại Úc và con sư tử Jenny tặng miềng năm ngoái, miềng treo trước cửa cho đến ngày về.

I probably have special love with cleaners in the dormitory’s floor 5 where I lived. The first lady is Jenny, about 50 years old. Every morning, I used to talk to her about 5 minutes at living room while she is cleaning and then, prepared my breakfast.
She told me about her family stories: her grandchild’s birthday, her son and daughter-in-law visiting her house or she went to local market and bought many delicious seafoods…. I told her about my study, my friends and how I feel about live in Adelaide.
She gave me a lion statute since she thought that I was a Chinese and Chinese love to hang stuffs like that in front of their rooms. I hang it in front of the room’s door, to let her know this is my room since every room looks the same. So that she can knock my door while passing my room and we can talk in the morning. I consider Jenny like my mom. On Saturday and Sunday, other cleaners clean my floor and when Jenny comes back on Monday, we talk longer than usual. We had great time together indeed.
I went back Vietnam after 1 year studying in Australia for Tet holiday. When returning, Jenny is gone. Her phone number that she gave me doesn’t work. I went to reception office of dormitory to ask more information about Jenny but they could not help.  I was not able to contact her but still hang the lion in front of my room and hope one day she would come back and knock my door.
Sue took over Jenny’s job and I love Sue as much as Jenny. I gave Sue a new name Sue Sue, sound lovely and funny though. We talk and laugh every morning and we do not forget to hug tightly before saying goodbye.  Everytime  I pass Cleaning Room where she store the cleaning stuffs. If I saw Sue, I would drop in and talk to her. If not, I would feel so ruth. Our stories were simple and interesting.
Sue talked about Aussie daily lives, how naughty her boys are…  I told about my study my friends, my lectures and how I feel about things happening around. She always gives me lots of courage. If we didn’t meet other today, we would hug more tightly than usual tomorrow. Sue and Soul is my close friend, so every morning we meet in bathroom, we make noise and we have cheerful and happy time together.
I love Sue a lot and I feel her love for me through her eyes, her words and what she has done for me.  My sincerely love for Sue like love of daughter for her Mom. Probably I have strong maternal instinct, sisterhood is big so I always desire for maternal love and I easily feel, especially from Sue Sue.
This morning is special, I told Sue that I would leave Australia tomorrow and will implement my fish sauce  project that I have nurtured for long. Sue cries, her face turns red. She hugged me really tight and said  that I had to proud of myself. She would miss me alot. It made me crying as well but I try to be calm to avoid more heavily atmosphere for us. It’s so hard to say Goodbye to Sue, my special friend. I said “we have to take a photo together” and then, Sue answered: “But not now” and wiped tears her eyes.
I love Sue, love a lot. She gave me special gift and I keep it for myself as special as our friendship. Close the door and back to my room, I write this note immediately. I want to keep and memorize these wonderful moments as a beautiful time and wonderful friendship I have in Australia and it would make me stronger and tougher when having constrain.
I love Australia because of Aussie friends like: Jenny,  Sue Sue  and the usual people that I have a chance to meet every day. They have simple lives, full of love and I found the sincerely and honesty from those woman. I feel warm, safe and cheerful when being surround by those lovely people like Jenny, Sue, Mom Helen, Antie Margaret, Grand Mom …etc that I will write in next notes
Despite of  my stuffs are just so mess in my room,  I still want to spent 30 minutes to record this wonderful moment to let me know that I have special time and wonderful friends in this country.
And I will be back someday !
Adelaide, 12/12/2012 the day before living Australia

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