Slice of presentation
From what I’ve been doing so far
From what I’ve learnt
And from my 3 year experience
Of running fishsauce business towarding sustainable development
Sustainable business is
Buying and selling a product or service
That are good for people
Good for the environment
And good for the society in general.
DSCF0033I consider Bamboo Boat Fishsauce
Is a sustainable business
Firstly: It’s good for people
Both consumers and producers
As human being
From deep inside  our hearts
We always want
To live a green life
To live a healthy life
To use eco-friendly products
And to be connected with the Mother Earth
To be healthy
To be happy
To be peaceful
Our vision is
DSCF9988We believe that
sustainability can be achieved
when traditional values
are respected and preserved
and when people live healthy lives
 in a harmonious relationship
with the environment
 with love and care for others.
We tirelessly work
to incorporate those value
in our products
and we say NO
 to harmful preservatives
 and artificial colouring
DSCF9999After 3 years running the fishsauce business
We overcome many challenging
But what makes us so proud is
We keep our vision
If I got a chance to review it
I still don’t want to change
Even in a single word
Because we love what we are doing
From producer perspective
Mostly our producers
are local women
Women living in coastal areas
used to make it
and they have lots of experience
on how to make the best fishsauce and shrimp paste.
Making Mắm requires
lots of time, care, patience and persistence
and thus women are normally
involve in this work.
We believe that
when women have regular incomes,
they are more likely
to invest in the education
for their children
and thus would have better future for Vietnam. 
Mắm is a very good alternative food
before, during and after disasters
since it’s cheap, easy to make at home
and is a good source of protein.
It’s climate change adaptation activities
Since flood and storm happen frequently in central region
It’s so good to have a bow of hot rice
Serving with Mam
In a winter, flooding or storming day
It’s good for environment
My family worked as a fishery man
In Thach Han River
In Quang Tri province
Our working season
Is from March until September
We make a lot of fish
My Mom, my younger sister and I
We bring to sell it at local market
The rest that we couldn’t sell
My Mom take home and make Mam
All kind of fermented fished
wih egg plants and papaya
And we eat Mam in the whole winter
I still remember
When I was high school student
After the class
I ride bicycle to go home around 12pm
I was starving
I couldn’t lift my bicycle
To my house
But smelling of Mam
My mom cook from the kitchen
Was so attractive
I tried my best to lift the bicycle
And go straight to the kitchen
Taking rice left from the morning
Dipping into Mam
That Mom just cooked
And slowly chewing
And enjoy hot, spicy, salty and sweet
It’s so delicious
I keep those smelling and tasting of Mam
In the whole of my life
Mam is my sweet memory
About my childhood
2 years studying master of sustainability
In the university Adelaide, Australia
I studied lots of subjects
About sustainability – including
Sustainable development
Community engagement
Climate change
Global warming
What I deeply understand is that
If we want to achieve sustainability
We definitely need to go back
to our traditional lifestyle
We need to take care for the Mother Earth
Like taking care for our Mom
We take resource from the Earth
Like taking gifts from our Mom.
By that way
We will be happy
we’ll be loved, supported and nurtured
By the Mother Earth
The Mother Earth is so generous for us
She provides food, water and air
They’re all FREE
She doesn’t take money from us
She is happy to see
her food, her water and her air
Being used efficiency
She’s happy to see us happy
Like a mother taking care for her children
That’s unconditionally love
I love to cook for my friends
I love to cook all kinds of Noodle
Especially Beef Noodle (Hue Style)
I’m happy to see them
Enjoy my food
I’m happy to see my friends
Finish my food and appreciate it
We use salt as a natural preservation
We make Mam in summer
To use in winter
We make in harvesting season
Of anchovy and baby shrimp
To use in unharvesting season
From days having money
For the day not having money
Making Mắm means that
We use fish, shrimp from the river
From the ocean
In an efficient way
This means that we appreciate
The natural resource
The gift mother earth give us
So making Mam is a great way
To appreciate resource
To appreciate the gift
The Mother Earth gives us
Thirdly, we preserve our unique culture
After completing my Master program in Australia
I spent 5 months to travel along coastal line of Vietnam
To understand more about different kind of fishsauce
I found that
We used to have around 50 different kinds of Mam
We’ve documented in the website: NuHoangNam.com (FishSauceQueen.com)
But they have been lost year by year
Because generation to generation
We couldn’t keep making it
One of family in Quang Tri province
Where I came and learnt how to make pure fishsauce
They’ve been making fishsauce for more than 40 years
They have 4 children
But no one want to follow this career
They prefer working in the factory instead
Because this job is not well recognized and appreciated
By the society in general
The world is getting flat
The border among countries getting flat too
You guys coming from Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia, Myanmar
You speak English fluently
You dress up similarly
So what is the different?
The only different is
Our culture
Our identity
That makes us different
That makes us unique
Mam is our culture and our traditional food
Our ancestors were very creative
to discover a very cheap, convenient and healthy way
to keep our food safe.
our generation has not preserved Mắm making culture well
so many kinds of Mắm have been lost over the years.
the elderly people have lots of experiences in making Mắm
but their children normally don’t want to follow this career because of lots of reasons.
The two main reasons are
Firstly,  it’s not reputational job
as compared to working in offices and factories
they are not able to sell their homemade products
due to competition from the industrial one
As a consequence
more than 80% of fish sauce in Vietnam now
comes from industrial sources
and more than 60% of the traditional kinds of Mắm
have been lost.
If we keep going with this
our children and grandchildren
would not know
what old generations used to eat
and they will eventually adapt to the industrial products instead.
And it would be a disaster
the disappearance of the Mắm culture
which has evolved
over a thousand years
of accumulated experience
in producing and consumption Mam
It will not only be a loss for Vietnam alone
but the world will lose a unique aspect of human civilization.
Making Mắm is my choice
To put my idea about sustainable development in practice
It can be good for people
For the environment
And the whole society in general
For 3 years running this project
We’ve found that
It’s no easy to run it at all
We have to turn around
Turn around
But what makes us proud is
We keep our vision
No matter how difficult it is
We believe that
sustainability can be achieved
when traditional values
are respected and preserved
and when people live healthy lives
 in a harmonious relationship
with the environment
 with love and care for others.
Thank you.
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