Today is December 29th
I felt that today is colder than yesterday. It’s terrible to wake up early to that weather but I had to wake up 5:45 am to help Henry to prepare for breakfast. Because this week, my team did housework. At 6:00, I did exercise with the whole family. I didn’t like to do exercise early in the cold of morning. I want to continue sleeping.
After exercise time, it took me 10 minutes to brush my teeth, wash my face and then I swept the floor with Oliver and had breakfast with the whole family. After breakfast, me and Oliver took care of the garden, watered the plants. Next, me, Mary and Oliver took the sweet potato on the table and brought it outside to dry in the sun.
Today is a lazy day, so everyone can do everything or learn something if we want. Ema said me that she would show me the way to draw the basic line of any drawing. I really like drawing so I was curious about Art. When I was in tenth grade, I used to learn about Art but I was busy studying at school, so I quit it. Ema willingly showed me how to draw and explained about the color in the Art.
After that, I practiced drawing and writing Spencerian Script. At 10.30, me and Henry served up lunch, I arranged the kitchen, I cleaned the table, warmed up the soup and whole grain rice and took a bowl to put on the table. After lunch, I realized that I ate as I have not yet eaten. Because I was still hungry, we have set up Macrobiotic diet for 10 days. We only eat whole grain rice with the sesame seeds. I always feel hungry after meals.
I read my book and take a rest until 2:30. I always take a nap because if I don’t rest, I will feel sleepy and tired. At 3:00, I practiced pronouncing and then I found Helen but I didn’t her anywhere, I just saw Peter and Sam were walking and I followed them to listen to English.
A few days ago, Sam came to our house, he is foreign traveler who comes from America. He is brilliant, clever and humorous. His voice is nice and he speaks English so fast. I tried to follow him. I’m trying to learn English better day by day.
After that, everyone played soccer and called me to play but I didn’t play because I just cleaned my nails so I was scared to have dirty nails. I took a shower and had dinner at 5:00 pm.
While having dinner time, we watched a spectacular sunset .After supper, I cleaned the kitchen and washed the saucepan. Then me and Henry prepared breakfast for tomorrow morning and wrote in my diary. At 9.00 pm, we exercised for 30 minutes. Finally, I went to sleep at 10 o’clock. Today I felt comfortable.