I wake up at 6am and listen audio book I can do it written by Luis L. Hay. She is my favorite author and my inspiration. Then I go to kitchen and prepare breakfast for the whole family. Today I cook sticky rice with different kinds of bean: peanut, green bean, red bean and white bean. I ad some turmeric powder and little bit salt and peanut oil and the sticky rice is just so delicious. My younger brothers and students seem really enjoy it.
After that I go to clean my room and kitchen then I teach English for my students. Today I teach about pronunciation which includes 44 international phonetic. It’s easy to train for students who don’t know much about English before they come to study with me. They are just like a white paper and absorb everything I teach naturally. It’s much harder to train for students who have learned English for long time. We have to fix word by word for at least a year.
Today we prepare soil for seeding. We are seeding vegetables and some kinds of fruit for next year planting. We are going to plan in next April and May when rainy season coming. This afternoon is a reading time, I am reading Diamond Cutter of Guesh Michael Roach and I love this book. I bought this book for more than a year but I can only understand it after a year meditation.
At night I have online class which students coming from different regions of Vietnam and we finish class before 10 then the whole family have 1 hour mediation together before sleeping.
We have a happy life and we are really enjoy teaching, studying and living here.
We hope you will visit us soon,